The Layout

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The layout is pretty much the main reason the SWSC was founded in the first place. We have a modular style layout, which means that it can be broken down into sections and taken to different shows for us to display. All the modules are built to the same standards, although their length ranges from 2 to 6 feet long. The modules can be rearranged into whatever formation we want or need to fit the show we are displaying at. Individual members own most of the modules, (except for the corners) and can scenic them however they want. The layout has no real specific era or location, and so the scenery can vary widely from one module to the next.

The layout is equipped to run Digital Command Control (DCC) and DC, although DCC is our preferred method of operation. We currently utilize a NCE NCE DCC system set up for wireless operation. There are three main lines on each module, each controlled by a separate booster. All other trackage on the layout is hooked up to the wiring for the third main line. This keeps each main isolated from the other so that, theoretically anyway, in the event of problems the whole layout doesn't grind to a halt. The branchline trackage can be arranged however each member wants on his or her module, as much of the time this track doesn't connect up between modules.

So far we've won two awards with our layout. Both came at the Mad City Model Railroad Show and Sale held in Madison, Wisconsin, where we took home the Best of Show award in both 2006 and 2013.

Below you can find a few of the different arrangements we've set up in, with the more recent plans towards the top. Most of the time we set up in a rectangle, but we have set up in different shaps, such as an L-shape or with a widening at one end. Photos of the layout at different shows can be found on the photos page.

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