Module Standards

For a modular club like ours, where each member builds their own part of the layout, it is important that the modules are built to the proper standards so that they will fit together well. Module construction does vary slightly from one to the next, and each member has their own techniques for construction, but there are some standards we have agreed on that are the same for every module. For the most part our standards follow those of the National Model Railroad Association, but there are enough differences that we have drawn up our own standard files for our members to follow. The files for different styles of modules can be found below. Because they are in PDF format, please use your browser's back button to return to this page. All drawings are copyright © 2007-2008 Pete Schierloh or Robert Welke.

File Description
Standard Straight Module This is a file which gives the dimensions for a standard straight module. These standards can be adapted to any length that is in two foot increments, but we recommend only 4 or 6 foot modules.
Outside Corner Module This file is for a standard outside corner like those currently found on the layout.
Inside Corner Module This is a drawing of the standards for a inside corner module.
Requirements and Best Practices Here is a document that lists a lot of the standards and recommended (or suggested) practices that we've found work pretty well after a lot of trial and error.
Wire Connector Diagram This drawing shows how the new type of wiring connectors we use should be wired. Drawing © 2009 Noah Hofrichter.

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