The Sandhouse Crew attended Green County Depot Days again in 2007, setting up on April 28 & 29 in Brooklyn Wisconsin with the layout. This album contains photos from the show. Click on any of the thumbnails to begin the slide show.

buffalostreet_small.jpg wsor3806east_small.jpg thebeertrain_small.jpg hadfieldbantamcarco_small.jpg
freighthouse_small.jpg wn1500_small.jpg appletonyard_small.jpg coalmine_small.jpg
northtwoharbors_small.jpg moreofthebigboy_small.jpg thebigdig_small.jpg switching_small.jpg
sirr203_small.jpg revenge_small.jpg peteandjohn_small.jpg seeleville_small.jpg
thestage_small.jpg thehill_small.jpg mrlcoaldrag_small.jpg switchingthehill_small.jpg
staging_small.jpg theleftleg_small.jpg andtherightleg_small.jpg swscorecars_small.jpg

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