The Southern Wisconsin Sandhouse Crew made its fifth appearance at the Mad City Model Railroad Show and sale on February 20 and 21, 2010. The photos in this album depict the layout as it appeared at the show. Click on any photo to begin viewing the album.

milw8679_small.jpg meetonthebridge_small.jpg appleton_small.jpg milw98cwest_small.jpg
nw2012_small.jpg commuterrush_small.jpg countrystore_small.jpg ridinginstyle_small.jpg
bigengineslittletrain_small.jpg chicagoandnorthwestern_small.jpg appleton2_small.jpg plowextra_small.jpg
seeleville_small.jpg madison2010014_small.jpg passengerextra_small.jpg brc470_small.jpg
visitorfromdownunder_small.jpg kynr220_small.jpg theviewfromtheinside_small.jpg

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