The Sandhouse Crew attended the Green County Model Railroad Show in Monroe, Wisconsin again on September 22 and 23 2007, our second year displaying at this show. Click on any photo to begin viewing the album.

oneendofthelayout_small.jpg ameet_small.jpg passingacoalmine_small.jpg missabeoretrain_small.jpg
wc6677_small.jpg anotherdayattheshops_small.jpg coaltrain_small.jpg conrail_small.jpg
an050helper_small.jpg workfarmroad_small.jpg aroundthebend_small.jpg passingthestubyard_small.jpg
doubleheader_small.jpg movingore_small.jpg switchingoperations_small.jpg thecircuscomestotown_small.jpg
saukjunction_small.jpg resttime_small.jpg thezephyr_small.jpg thesuperchief_small.jpg

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