Today's update is the long tardy 2011 Brooklyn Depot Days Photo Album. If you haven't seen them, there are also a couple of videos from this show availible on the videos page.


A couple of updates in the last few days. I added a photo album for our recent appearance at the 2011 Mad City Model Railroad Show and Sale here, and I also updated the Crew's Next appearance and upcoming show information as best I could at this time.


I took the time today to finally create an album with a sampling of photos from the Sandhouse Crew's appearance at the 2010 Green County Model Railroad Show and Sale. Check them out here.


I've made a number of updates over the last few weeks. One was adding photos from our recent exhibition at the 2010 National Train Show in July. They can be found in the photos section here. I also took the time to update the shows page on the website with all the correct dates for the next "show season."


Today included a fairly major update that, if you're a regular visitor, you may have already noticed. In addition to adding a new album the 2010 Brooklyn Depot Days show, I also changed the formatting of the website. I decided to add a white background with black border behind the text on most pages to help create a little more definition and make it easier to read. I also added a fancy drop shaddow while I was at it. So far just the "main" pages are converted, but I hope to continue the same thing on some other pages (such as this one) soon.


I added a new photo album for our appearance at the 2010 Mad City Model Railroad Show and Sale, as well as updating a few things like the homepage "next appearance" and some of the dates on the show page. I also changed out some of the photos on the rotating "slide show" that appears on the homepage.


Today I made a number of updates to pages that were starting to fall out of date, such as the Shows page and Layouts page. I also added a new album from the Crew's appearance at Brooklyn Depot Days.


I added a new album from our most recent show, the Mad City Model Railroad show and Sale 2009. I also updated the "Crew's next appearance" on the home page.


Updated the contact page as well as the home page with information about membership in the SWSC. I also added a new contact address.


I was looking through a few pages recently and decided a couple needed to be updated or re-worded slightly. Nothing major, but I made a few updates to the about, shows, and contact pages of the website. Just trying to keep things current as I can.


Just a quick update to the coding on the Video Page.


Today's update is mostly a lot of little things. The only major thing to speak of is the addition of a Video Page to the site as an off-shoot of the photo page. Thanks to a couple of other railfans and model railroaders, our layout is featured in several Youtube videos. I've compiled them on this new page on our site for your viewing pleasure.

The little updates are mostly just that: updates. I changed a few statistics to reflect the current status of the club, and brought a few other things, like the shows page, that were out of date, well, up to date. I've still got more photo to add, as time permits.


Another photo update today, with the addition of a photo album from a one day display of our layout in Mazomaine, WI. Check it out on the photos page.


Updated "The Crew's next Appearance" on the home page to reflect we know will be seen next in Monroe in September. I also updated a couple dates on the shows pages.


A couple of minor updates again today. I found a better script to run the slide show on the home page, so that changeover was made today. I also updated the list of model railroad show dates on the shows page, as well as made a few other minor coding updates. There's always more to do!


This update includes the addition of another diagram to the standards page. I added a wiring diagram for our module connector plugs drawn by Bob Welke. Hopefully more additions will come in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for more updates.


Updates made to the Photos Page with photos from the 2008 Green County Depot Days Show in Brooklyn, WI, as well as a couple of minor coding updates that aren't really worth mentioning. Be sure and check out the new photos!


Updates made to the Shows page with next year's Mad City show dates, as well as the addition of the Mad City 2008 Album with photos from our last show. Check 'em out!


Not much of an update today, I just brought the shows page up to date, as I finally found the dates for next year's trainfest.


The first update of 2008 (and the first in about 6 months) finds a couple of new items. First off, I added the Monroe 2007 album, though it's addition is a couple of months over due. I also added another track plan to the Layout page, from the 2007 Monroe show as well. There were also a few minor updates and corrections to other pages, but nothing especially worth noting.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be to finish and update the website more frequently, so look for more information soon!


Today's update includes both some major and some minor things. The first is that I moved the website to a new address at the same host as I had been using. The URL for the site is now more appropriate for the crew, as it's now http://www4.webng.com/sandhousecrew. I plan on this being the main location of the website for now, unless I discover a better host at some point in the future (although right now I'm pretty happy with where the site it.)

The second update is to the header bar. I converted the buttons to .gif files to help them load faster. I also changed the main photo to one of a SWSC locomotive, painted by Dave Adams, sitting on John Decker's Buffalo Street module. I think it works pretty well.

A third update is to the photo page. I added four new albums, one each for the 2006 Monroe show, the 2007 Mad City show, the 2007 Brooklyn Depot Days show, and the 2007 Middleton set up. There are a few more albums that I've got to put together yet, but I'm getting pretty close to caught up.

There are a couple of other minor updates, but they really aren't worth me writing here. If you're a regular to the site though, you might notice them. There's more to go, but progress is definitely being made!

Today's update is another major one. First off, I finally got around to building the header for the top off the pages. The header you see at the top of this page is actually the third version of it, but it's the one I like the best, and so I've decided to go ahead and install it on every page. This should make navigation of the website much easier. Instead of having to go back to the home page each time to go to another page, you now have access to most of everything on the website no matter what page you are on (accept for the photo albums).

A second major update is to the photos page. Mainly that now there is one where there wasn't before. I've also created two photo albums to start with so you can see how I plan to eventually fill out the photos area. I'm using a web Album Generator available here, and I'm pretty happy with it. I do make some modifications to the code to customize it and make it fit with the rest of the website look, but the generator makes things a lot faster.

I've made a few other minor updates as well. These include the addiction of "So why the Sandhouse Crew" to the About the SWSC page, and several other minor updates. Things are coming along well, but there is definately work to be done!
After hearing a few good suggestions from the folks at the Fuzzy World 3um, I made a couple more changes. Some of the larger changes include making the background on the layouts page the regular orange, instead of the image background that I had before. I moved the image to the page itself instead. I also am now using an email encrypting system available at http://www.jracademy.com/~jtucek/email/. Hopefully this will help avoid my email account receiving any spam to my email account, while still allowing anyone else to email me as normal. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
The official launch of the website on line. After about two months of work, the basic shell for the website has been built (with the exception of the photo section), and I'm now uploading it to a temporary host. There is quite a bit of minor work to be done yet, but at this point the website is easily navigable for anyone who wants to read it.

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